Is It Safe To Use Vaseline On My Cats Sore Bottom?


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I came home and panicked one night to find that my cat had an extremely swollen, red, sore rear end.  I brought her to the ER and to my relief it was just something similar to diaper rash..guess what, same treatment.  Vet instucted me to go buy some desitin and a cone to put on her neck so she couldn't lick it.  I had to take a warm cloth and GENTLY wipe her down then used latex gloves to slather it on just like a babys behind.  I did this 1-2 times a day and within 3 days she was better.  After the first treatment she was definitely not in nearly as much pain.  Just so you know, my cat was on the obese side so it was caused because she was having trouble cleaning advice to you if your cat is fat...FOOD IS NOT LOVE!!!  and really cutting back on it is not going to starve it to death.
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You can use petroleum jelly on the cat's bottom, but it probably won't do much for the sore.  If you decide to use it, it won't hurt the cat if she licks it, petroleum jelly can be used to prevent hairballs, although there are better hairball remedies.  I know you want to ease her pain, but since you have an appointment with the vet tomorrow, I'd just leave it until the vet looks at the problem area.  Hope kitty feels better soon! 
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Thanks, that's helpful. Poor babe had to have the spot squeezed, ouch! She's been given anti-biotics which will hopefully clear it up.

Thanks again
Lins & Zebeede the cat
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Glad your cat was ok in the end.  No my cat is not fat, she often get Rodent Ulcers on her chin which is due to an allergy, poor babe, she's only 9 months.  Anyway, I'm wondering if this sore on her butt is a similar allergy thing.  I've got an appointment at the vets for her tonight at 6.30pm.
Just hope I don't have to apply any cream etc to that area, don't think she's take too kindly to it and neither would my hands, ouch! 
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Glad kitty was taken care of by the vet. Poor thing is probably relieved. Thanks for letting me know how it turned out. Take good care of Zebeede, Lins. Actually, I already know you take great care of her!!
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Thanks MyMollie. Yes, she is very precious and well loved. She was a 10 week old feral farm kitten when I got her. She's come on leaps and bounds and is so different from the scared little puss who first came her.

thanks again

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