Is It Safe To Use Vaseline On Ticks On Cats?


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Haley Cook answered
I wouldn't. It is a myth that you can remove ticks from cats and dogs by using Vaseline and Petroleum jelly. It may make matters worse and endanger your pet more because doing that because it will irritate the tick. When a tick is irritated, they stimulate more saliva, which increases your chances that more disease or parasites that ticks carry can be transmitted to your pet. To remove at tick from your cat, you mostly only need tweezers and gloves. Put on some latex gloves while you do this because it is possible that if you remove the tick with your bare hands you can be infected by the ticks diseases. Use fine tipped tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the cats skin as possible. Pull upward slowly. Don't twist or jerk the tick off the cat because believe it or not, if ticks get ripped apart, there head can still travel and eventually bury itself in the cats skin. If this dose happen, use the tweezers to take out the head piece. Also remember to avoid puncture, squeeze, or crush a ticks belly (abdomen)  because the fluids inside it can also contain the diseases. If your skin or your cat was exposed to the fluids, wash the area gently with warm water and some soap. If desired, I would take the cat to the vet to check his safety for whats called "Lyme Disease." If you accidently were unaware of the tick on the cat, maybe the tick had been on the cat longer than you thought. :) 

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