My Dog Has Given Birth To 5 Puppies And One Week Later, She Is Having Contractions, What Could This Mean?


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It could mean that your dog went into premature labor and delivered one set of puppies eariler.  I raise AKC Maltese.  My Lady Bug went into premature labor and delivered 3 puppies all of which died at birth due to being too early.  On this day I had rushed her to the vet.  She had to be crated as a way to keep her calm so that the remaining puppies inside her could development more.  Five days later she went into labor again and delivered 2 more puppies, one of which died, and one Kallisti survived.  Lost 4 and gained only one.  It is always very important that if your dog doesn't have a normal labor process to have her seen by a vet.  Sometimes the vet can just feel if there are any more puppies inside, or if there is a retained still born puppy inside.  It is important to rule out infection which has the potential to kill your dog.  Sometimes the vet may need to x-ray and/or ultrasound her to tell what is going on on the inside.  Hope this helps.  Joyfulnurse.
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Ideally you should go to your vet for a check up. Is there any discharge? She could just be cleaning herself out. Are you sure she delivered all the pups? There's a lot that can go wrong after the birth as well and you should be looking out for infection in both the uterus and the mammary glands. Is her temperature normal?

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