Why is my dog having very distended stomach but is very thin? It's been 2mos. Since she gave birth to 4 puppies.. But after several weeks, she became thinner & eventually her stomach became very distended. What happened to her & what do i need to do?


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Did you do your post whelp 24 hours after whelp and have you checked in with your vet at all since? They do tend to lose weight when nursing, it takes a lot out of them but that her abdomen is also distended may be a concern.
You should see your vet to check that she hasn't developed a uterine infection or some other complication. It's preferable of course to catch and take care of while their condition is still stable. Uterine infections may be fatal without prompt vet care. I hope it's nothing serious and that she's okay and back to normal soon, please let us know. Good Luck.
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You are doing things right. It's not like your question was you noticed all of that, assumed it all must be normal and now she has collapsed on the floor is extremely ill and will she die or anything.... You noticed what you needed to and are getting her to a vet before things become very bad if they are going to for her sake. :-). Good Job. Also a part of deciding to have pups. If it is a uterine infection you are catching it before things are as bad or as deadly as they could get.
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A heads up and maybe some reassurance here. If it is something like a uterine infection, she most likely will need to be spayed (& maybe some abntibotics & initial supportive care). If you aren't aware of any health concerns that you should not, you may want to limit the food at least later in the evening in case she does need surgery tomorrow. A little more like it was all scheduled. She may be drinking more water right now though if there is infection so I'm not sure how much to limit that.
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Hey there. How did it go? Did it turn out to be nothing much? Hope she's okay.

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