Are There Any Free Husky Pups Available?


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Do you think a husky can be your bestfriend  and be there for you like a mom and dad
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First of all, the husky breed of dogs cannot survive just anywhere in the world. They need perfect weather conditions in order for them to survive such as the Alaskan Husky dogs can only survive in cold weather conditions. So, it is better to first check if the weather conditions of your city are favourable for the dog. As far as the free husky pups are concerned, they are very difficult to be obtained. The husky breed is a very exotic breed so in that case they are quite expensive as well. You can go to your nearest dog pound and check if you can find a husky dog which is next to impossible. You can also see if any of your friends or relatives has that dog and if they can give their pup if they have any.

These are the only ways of obtaining a free husky pup.
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I was going to answer "I hope not!".  I am not being mean, I say this because if someone is giving them away free it means they are desperate to get rid of them.  This is not indicative of a caring breeder of any breed.
Because huskies need responsible owners probably more than most other dogs - because of their innate desire to run long distance - breeders should be taking great care to check out suitable homes before agreeing a sale.

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