My Cat Is Leaking Runny Poop,he Uses The Litter,but Still He Leaks Everywhere!what Should I Do?


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Try giving them a half a teaspoon of vinilla yogurt everyday for 3 times a day for about a week. Also keep their butt clean of poop left overs. And don't lock him in a kennel its unhealthy especially while they are sick. My cat was the same way and she isn't even a year old. I kept her in my bathroom, gave her vinilla yogurt to help her digestive system and changed her food to a more healthy style type. After about 4 days she was better but I kept her on the yogurt and in the bathroom for a week to be sure.
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I am not getting the exact meaning of your question. If you are asking about runny stool then you should also write other symptoms that you have been noticed so far. If there are no other symptoms your cat is showing then it is having diet problem. It is eating something bad from outside in addition to your provided food. Change its food to high quality and balanced diet and note the difference. If situation remains the same then consult a vet for its thorough check up.
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I have a cat, he went through the same thing. He leaked so much so that it irritated his back side and was going bald on his butt and up his tail. I thought it was the cat litter because of his balding backside. But the first thing I did was switch his food. Within 2 days his poop firmed up.
What food are you feeling?
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Sounds like the anal glands (on each
side of the anus) need to be
emptied (expressed).  Taking care
of them can be painful if not done
correctly. So consult your vet.

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Put a diaper on it to stop the leaking and see if it was something the cat ate that caused the leaking.
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Lol now thats def not gonna work, he's gonna bite the diaper off.. I have to put him in a cage until he stops leaking, annnnnnnnd i have stop giving him the mooshy type of food and gave him the hard one!

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