My Shih Tzu Has Runny Poop What Could It Be And How Can I Treat It?


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Could be many reasons and treatment always depends on the cause. Give your vet a call. There may be some reason your pup is better off being seen sooner. Otherwise ask them about pulling the food for a day and then reintroducing with a blander diet (double check that this is okay for your pup first before you do it) slowly to see if there is improvement. Rice and boiled skinless, boneless chicken (no seasoning) or boiled lean (as little fat as possible) ground hamburger. Also a little canned pumpkin (not pie filling, just pumpkin) usually helps. Sharing a little cottage cheese or plain yogurt can help if your pup needs a little more good bacteria. Just make sure you call your vet and talk to them first before you do anything.
3 days is the rule if it's just a little soft and there is nothing else. If it continues for three days and there are o other symptoms you should see your vet then to figure out the cause since it's not usually just a slightly upset tummy at that point. If you see any other symptoms, lethargy/depression, fever, lack of appetite, vomiting, drinking excessive water,   red, green, black or whatever other color in the stool or anything else off or unusual you wouldn't want to wait the three days.
Hope your baby is feeling better soon and it's nothing.

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