How Long Can Cat Go Without Pooping?


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Ok so my kitten is going to be 8 months on the 18th....she was fine last night but today she is most likely in pain and having problems poop...I am very worried about her and don't have the money for a vet there anything I can do at home to help her?
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If she hasn't gone for over a day I'd be concerned and take her to the vet, especially if she either isn't eating or if shes throwing up, it could be an intestinal blockage.
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2 days try giving tuna in oil if that dosent work take her to the vet
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Maybe you could give her a laxative. I'm not sure which ones are safe for cats but maybe you can think about this another way -- what possible treatments does a vet have?

If it's surgery you're screwed because you say you don't have the money for a vet VISIT -- so surgery is out of the question.

It's also possible there's nothing anyone can reasonably do about it.

It's possible it will work itself out.

There may be some kind of medication the doctor could prescribe once he figures out what, exactly, is the problem.

Unfortunately if you can't afford a vet visit then you'll have to do all of this analysis and prescribing yourself. Or ask your friends to help...

I think the vet bill is worth it though unless you have a friend in vet school.

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