What If A Dog Has A Low Temperature?


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  • What happens if a dog has a low temperature?

If your dog has a low temperature, you should immediately take it to your vet to get a check-up. It could well be nothing, but it could also be a sign that your dog is sick. If your dog has some kind of infection or bacteria in the body, your dog's temperature may drop as the immune system works hard to fight off the infection.

  • What happens if me dog has an infection?

If your dog has an infection it is likely that they will show other symptoms that indicate it is ill. These symptoms may include sickness and/or diarrhea and lethargy. One of the main problems with sickness and diarrhea is that your dog will become dehydrated. It can be extremely difficult to encourage a dog to drink, particularly a sick dog, which is why it is important to take your dog to the vet if they show any of these symptoms.

Some dogs like to drink from a flow of running water such as a hose pipe or a tap so this is often a good way to encourage them to drink. If you find that the scruff of your dog's neck is loose this is also a sign that they are dehydrated.

  • What else could it be?

Other things your dog could be suffering from include hypothermia and over exposure to the cold. Your dog could have an internal problem and be unable to control its own body temperature, in this case it is also important to take your dog to a vet who can begin medication and ensure you dog recovers quickly, with a minimal amount of discomfort.

  • What should a dog's temperature be?

A dog's temperature should be between 100.5-102.5 F.
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It isn't uncommon for a serious hypoglycemic episode (to a life threatening degree) to result in a too low body temperature. They are often about to die without immediate and appropriate help at that point though if they have a low body temp. If your puppy has a low body temperature you should call your vet or emergency clinic immediately to find out what you can do and if you need to rush in to save their life. Hope everything is okay.
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Under the normal conditions, body temperature of a dog is 100.5-102.5 F. A drop in the body temperature of dogs can be due to following conditions.

1. Exposure to cold
2. Problems in the dog's own temperature control center
3. Impaired behavioral response
4. Hypothyroidism

Diagnosis needs many laboratory tests. Treatment depends upon severity of the problem and includes

1. External warming
2. Warm IV fluid therapy
3. Warmed air
4. Warm water enemas
5. Stomach lavage

So, get advice from your local vet in this regard.
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There are 2 possible causes of low body temperature in dogs. These are exposure to cold climate and problems with body temperature controlling part of brain. For details, visit this link.

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