Why is my hamster biting her cage bars? She is only biting at the door, she has toys she can chew and she takes the from me and the goes back to chewing the door. What can I do? Is it bad for her to do that? Does she not like the cage?


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Poppy O'Hair answered

This is a tough one. Puppies can be like this, too. Perhaps your hamster wants to play with you rather than the toys. It may be unhealthy for a hamster to chew on that, though. Consider letting your hamster out to play with you in AN ENCLOSED AREA. Your hamster probably just wants some time out of a cage.

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Nicki Marie answered

My hamster used to do that all the time. If it's at night that's when they're hyper active and the hamster wants out and is making noise for attention.

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She hates the cage and crappy toys.

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