My Dog Is 4 And Is Constantly Scratching And Chewing Her Paws. Do You Have Any Advice Please?


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michella balaya answered
That is some kind a allergy or has fleas because my puppy has that so I started to get worry because she had it for 3 weeks so I told my dad to take her to the vet and the vet said it was allergy from the fleas so she told us to but a shampoo for her and to rub it in her paws a lot of times like maybe 20 times for each paw and it took of  for 10 days I was so happy and then it came back an dmy momo said to wash it with baking soda so then when it was her bath day I rubbed it with baking soda and took the scratching from my dogs paw and biting for ever..
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amanda sherrod answered
Put her back on her regular food and try giving her a bath and leave the shampoo on her for 10 min. Don't let her go outside and stay very long and get her nails clipped.
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Cara B answered
Is it her pads on her paws that is bothering her? Are they splintering or anything like that?
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Id say get her nails clips and its probably skin allergies my sister has a poodle who does the same thing. Sometimes hdrocortisone spray works. (they sell it at walmart for like 4-5 dollars)

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