What Are The Main Characteristics Of A Black Labrador Retriever?


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The labrador breed in general, and black, golden or chocolate, have the same characteristics, and are gems in the dog world.
It is not by accident that they are family dogs, gentle around children, adorably irresistible puppies, which make people melt at the sight of them.
These are retrievers or working dogs, and if your lab is going to be around the house all day, you have to substitute active play, in place of the normal propensity for work and helpfulness.
So get a tennis ball, or a few, and teach the ball game, he/she will retrieve for hours, keep exercised, and be happy. You on the other hand will be less thrilled some days, and exhausted.
These dogs are known best by the people who rely on them as their hands eyes and ears, the blind and handicapped among us. Who would be lost without their dedication to duty and burning desire to please. They are "angels in dog suits" as I call them
The bad habits of this breed if you want to call them that ,are; They are gluttons everyone of them. They will overeat if you let them, and run to fat over a certain age because they are walking vacuum cleaners, they are not nervous jittery dogs, so their food goes on the hips. I can sympathise.
They will chew and hide everything that has a whiff of leather on it, and even if it just seems fun. So be patient and lock up those handmade shoes. Get them a rope toy to chew on, and exercise, exercise, exercise, you have a friend for life.
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There are two different kinds of Labrador Retrievers, the English Labrador and the American Labrador. The English type is derived from English stock and The American type is from American stock. The English bred labs are a bit heavier and blockier than the American type, which is lanky and tall. Labradors have short, water-resistant coats that are easy to care for. The coat is fitting for what many labradors consider a favourite pastime - swimming. Labradors come in black, yellow and chocolate. There is also a slightly silver colour that some people consider to be a shade of chocolate.

Labrador retrievers are intelligent and very attentive dogs. They love attention. Due to their intelligence, high energy and love of people, Labrador retrievers are often trained as police dogs or seeing eye dogs. They also work as hunting dogs and on search and rescue operations. Labrador retrievers given lots of love, attention and training will reciprocate as loyal and productive pets.
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Yes, Seastar is right, but I tend to call them the 'Working Line', being the more lean, and the 'Show Line' being the most broad-shouldered. People tend to have their own preferences, although I much prefer the 'working line'.

Working Line:

Show Line:

Any how, Labradors, no matter what the colour are:

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Friendly,joyful, but also very whiny
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My Lab loves the water, winter, spring summer and fall. Is it safe for her to go in the water when the air temperature is below freezing?
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