What Are The Main Characteristics Of The Sloth?


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Slowness of movement is the sloth's most outstanding characteristic. In fact, the English word sloth comes from the word slow. Indeed, to observe him is exactly like watching a movie scene in slow motion.
The sloth is really out of his element on the ground. His home is in the branches of trees. And he is marvellously he is equipped for life there.Three strong toenails or claws extend from each of his four limbs, enabling him to hook into the wood of the tree. He hangs beneath the branch, back downward, clinging with his claws to the branch above. So he moves along upside down, slowly swinging Tarzan-like from branch to branch.
The sloth spends almost his whole life upside down. He even sleeps in that position, hanging onto the branch above with his hook-like claws. Mating and giving birth also take place upside down. So securely does he hold that position that he may even hang there for some time after he dies!

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