Why Is My Dog Always Hungry?


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The fact that your dog eats all the time doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s hungry. Many dogs will eat whenever the opportunity presents itself, even when they don’t need to!

Boredom Eating
If you think about it, humans do this too - though not quite to the same degree. When we get bored, we eat. It doesn’t mean we’re hungry!

Dogs are notorious for this - anyone who's ever tried preparing a sandwich with a dog nearby will know what a nightmare that can be. It doesn't matter if you've just fed him - he still wants some of that chicken!

However, it is possible that your dog could have a genuine reason for being hungry all the time:

If your dog has tapeworm, he will be genuinely hungry all the time. His coat might be looking a bit shabbier than usual, and he’ll seem a bit run-down. I know it’s not a nice job, but take a look at your dog’s stool and see if you can spot any white worms in it.

If tapeworm is causing the problem, buy some worming tablets from your nearest pet store. They don’t usually cost too much, and your dog will thank you for it!

If your dog’s a bit on the skinny side, he might be hungry all the time because of his diet. He might be eating enough, but the dog food you’re giving him might not be providing enough nutrition.

Try switching to a different brand of dog food and see if that makes a difference!
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Have you wormed your dog recently? If not, I would do it ASAP as that is more than likely the reason why his/her appetite has suddenly increased.
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If he is usually hungry all the time it is because he is bored so he will eat, just like us - when we are bored, we stuff our mouths with food.
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Stop giving him bird food.

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