Why are dogs so greedy because every time i eat my dog is always there and wanting some of the food that i be eating?


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richard Leonard answered
I have 2 Rottweiler’s and they never beg, because I have never ever given them man food, they only eat when I give them food in their bowls(dog pellets with Canned meat for dogs) twice a day, in the morning and at night, they big but not fat at all, they very healthy and the vet said these 2 are best ones he has seen,
He actually wants me to bread them so he can buy a pup..lol. So moral of the story I know it looks all cute when dogs beg and you feel sorry for them so you give them your left over’s and so on, don't you just teaching your dogs that if they beg, they get, after all, you should be the alpha, and dogs don't beg to the alpha.
My rotties know, they get food ONLY from ME or my WIFE nobody else can feed them, they look at you as if you made..lol..its very cute to see, they look at me for permission to eat, and thats how its supposed to be, the dog is part of the family but he needs to know his place and you are loving your dog by feeding him DOG food, as it is MUCH MUCH more healthy for them than man food.
Have a nice day.
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Mimi Espanosa answered
They not greedy, there survival instincts kick in and they beg for food when ever they can. They learn to beg as puppies so if you don't want him/her to beg try putting out food for your dog at the same time you eat

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