Will My Male Dog Try To Eat The Puppies?


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Male dogs may very well eat the newborn pups and should be kept separate from the pups until the demeanor of the male dog can be determined. Sometimes dominant females will takeover a litter or kill another females pups. The most loving and compassionate dog can suddenly change its demeanor due to instinctive reactions to stimulus. How a dog acts while it's owner is around compared to when it is alone can be very different. I have witnessed all the above behaviors first hand. The safest approach is to error on the side of precaution and to keep the mother and her pups separate from all other dogs.
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If the puppies are dead or do not move a lot or make noise the male and female dog will try to eat them because they are a food source...if the puppies are not related to the male dog it will be aggressive to the puppies.

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