Is My Pregnant Dog Okay, If She Has Greenish-Black Discharge?


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My pregnant dog has green-black discharge. Is that normal?

No, any discharge during a dog's pregnancy is not normal. Greenish-black discharge is normal during labor, but not during pregnancy.

If your dog is not in labor and is having greenish-black discharges, this could be the sign of an infection or miscarriage.

Dogs can have bloody discharge during their heat period, at the time of whelping, and greenish-black discharge during the delivery of puppies. All these discharges are normal, but any discharge other than these is not normal.

So, if your dog is not in labor, you should take it to see a vet for diagnosis and treatment.

  • A clear discharge signifies that the mucus plug has begun to dissolve, and that the puppies are ready to be born.
  • A greenish-black discharge occurs when the puppies have separated from the uterine wall. This discharge is a sign that the arrival of the puppies is imminent.

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