Is It Safe To Give A Cat Calpol?


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I'd say no for a couple of reason's. Our OTC med's tend to be toxic to our pet's period and shouldn't be given unless prescribed by a vet and then in that EXACT dosage. Dangerous with dog's but OTC's aren't really given to cat's because their system's, liver's, and matabolism's work differently.
There is also the question of why you are wanting to give it. The odds are you wouldn't be doing anything for the underlying problem but causing more. If you are wanting to give it because it appear's your kitty has a 'cold' or URI not only would it likely not help, many things in cat's that present as something like that are often something else such as herpe's virus, FIP, distemper, or other diseases or problem's. In the event that it is actually a URI (less than 50% chance) then antibiotics are often given to prevent secondary infection (such as life threatening pnemonia). If you think your kitty has been injured then that need's to be properly diagnosed and treated and the proper med's need to be given in the correct dosages or your baby may end up off worse than they started. It's usually less expensive and safest to see the vet earlier rather than later and definitely not to give anything on your own unless they have said it's okay and told you the correct dosage and even then you still must watch closely for problems.  
If you've already seen the vet and they are aware of going on you can usually just call them and ask if it's okay and it can be handled over the phone. Hope your baby is feeling better soon.

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