My Cat's Labor Stopped After One Can I Be Sure She's Not In Trouble?


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You cannot be sure by asking the question here. She may only have one kitten and may be done with her labor. Have you had her abdomen x-rayed by a veterinarian? The x-ray will tell you how many kittens she has inside her. Is she still pushing like there is another kitten? This is why it can be risky to let your pets get pregnant. Emergencies can come up and you need to know what to do. Call your veterinarian right now before too much time passes by while you still have time. Make sure you have an emergency veterinarian to take her to if your regular vet is closed for the day. Good luck to you and your momma cat.
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I would call your vetss office. You can explain to them what's going on and they can tell you what would be best to do. You can always call there afterhours emergency number too..

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