Are TUMS Safe To Give A Cat For Gas?


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Do not give TUMS to a cat, and do not give milk to a cat unless you want litter box filled with diarrhea. Cats should get water only. Cows milk is not a normal addition to cats diet. Ever see a cat drink milk in the wild? Cats, along with dogs, and every other animal on the planet will fart. If your cat has EXCESSIVE gas, runny stools, or vomits, should take to vet. But first, is cat indoor only or indoor/outdoor? If outdoor, you have no idea of wha cat has ingested to cause gas. If indoor only, have you changed catfood brand or type?
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Yes, he is indoors only--and No, I have not switched foods--he eats Purina Cat Chow the same as my other 2 cats, and neither of them are gassy--he is showing no other symptoms of being sick just has bad gas--but Thank you very much for your advice. I wasn't sure if the TUMS were a safe remedy or not, that is why I have not tried it. Thanks again!
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Forgot to mention question about age of cat. Vet told me once that older cats sometimes will develop "gas". Don't know reason, it just came up in a conversation. Might call a vet just to be self assured, but if cat is eliminating OK, no blood or change in stools, no loss of appetite, not lethargic, then is probably OK. Ah, if only they could speak and tell us if something wrong!
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Food effects animals in different ways. You may have to change your food. It took me months to find a food that wouldn't give my rotty smelly gas. And I mean SMELLY.

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