Will Red Mites Kill A Hamster?


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Indirectly, yes. Because the hamster can get run down and drained. Perhaps you could say that mites are more likely to shorten lifespan than cause death in the near term.

Mites are a common parasite on all rodent pets and can be quite difficult to
get rid of. Treatment involves getting hold of a mild topical pesticide (ask in a pet shop). In addition, the affected animal must have their cage cleaned and disinfected at least twice a week over a 2-4 week period. Disinfecting can be done using heavy doses of vinegar or commercial (household) disinfectants. If at all possible, wash everything in hot soapy water first, then apply the disinfecting agent.

Some people swear by bleach, too, but this is prone to releasing chlorine (a toxic gas) when it comes into contact with organic materials. Not a hazard to people when applied in the toilet, but more dangerous inside a hamster's bed.

Without treatment the hamster may develop mange, which is a severe infection of the skin from excess scratching, and is more difficult and expensive to treat than mere mites.
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My hamster is losing hair in patches and has like blackish spots on her skin is this mites !?
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They might not kill it but just to be safe try not to touch it. The mites might get on you or in your house.

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