My Hamster Eye Is Swollen Shut And He Rarely Eat, What Could Be Causing This Sudden Change?


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Pain, you need to take him to a vet, look around your area for coupons in my area they have a coupon for a ten dollar exam fee. It has saved me TONS of money and it lets me have peace of mind with my pets. It could also be anything from an infection which he will need eye ointment for or something as serious as he is losing his eye and needs it to be taken out. I have a baby chick with the same issue right now it might work itself out but there is always that chance.
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Take him to the vet maybe if he or she is in pain
if your hamster will not open his or
her eye in next few days I would take him to the
vet cause your hamsters eye might be infected
I would try to pet out a lot of food to see how he
will do so you could tell if your hamster has been eat in
or not I know this because I have a hamster of my own
so if the hamster will not eat really or get his eye open
soon I would take your hamster to the vet cause it might serious
hope that helped ( :p

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