My doberman won't eat or drink. She's very sluggish and can't walk, she is semi-grunting and won't hold her head up?


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John McCann Profile
John McCann answered

Take her to the vet!!!!!

Could be many things, but the thing that jumped out at me is heart worm.

I am not there though and I am not a veterinarian, so how to you expect a correct diagnosis through the web?

Again, take her in for professional care!!!!

Jaden Lee Profile
Jaden Lee answered

Could be parvo. If so you dog won't life for more then 4 days. I highly suggest getting a medicine called parvad you have to order it online. They will ship within a day!

Brian Scott Profile
Brian Scott answered

Dobermans are my favoriet breed of dog. Not sure what the problem is with yours, but I'm sad to hear about it. Take it to a vet

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