Are Puppies With Blue Eyes Deaf Or Blind?


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wilbert u can call me sue Profile
Usually two different colour eyes are more of an indication of deaf, as well, many dalmnations are due to their breed. Just clap your hands for a response
KR- myopinions Profile
KR- myopinions answered
They all have blue eyes at first for awhile and then the actual eye color becomes apparent. A dog that is dominantly white with blue eyes has a very high chance of being deaf as they are genetically linked (they can also be blind and deaf in some cases so a CERF exam is useful if that is a concern). In breeds that are predisposed or if the coloring indicates a BAER test should be done to check the hearing (and the parents should be tested as well if indicated before breeding). Responsible breeders of pups that are predisposed or indicate deafness by breed (like dalmation breeders), color, or even behavior when it is not indicated by breed or color will often have the litter BAER tested before placement. There are some other colors and combinations that can indicate a need for testing before placement or are genetically a bad mix and often a 'no no' when breeding (breed can factor). Responsible breeders usually spend a great deal of time studying color genetics and breeding and health and testing and genetics in general before they ever breed.

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