When Do Seagulls Lay Their Eggs?


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The time of the year that seagulls lay their eggs depends on the type of seagull.

There are over 20 species of seagull, including:

California Gull
The California gull normally lays its eggs between May and July, and will usually lay no more than 3 eggs at one time.

The eggs can take up to 4 weeks to hatch and, during this time, the nesting duties are carried out by both the male and the female.

Once the gulls have hatched, they are fed by both sexes, and will leave the nest after only a few days. California gulls, like most gulls, live for up to 20 years.

Pacific Gull
The Pacific gull is native to Australia, and typically lays its eggs between September and December.

As with the California gull, the eggs can take up to 4 weeks to hatch. The female takes on most of the nesting duties, whilst the male gull defends the nest and provides food.

The Pacific gull lives for up to 15 years, and eats crabs, squid, sea urchins and crustaceans.

Belcher's Gull
The Belcher's gull is native to South America, and lays up to 3 eggs in June or July. This gull is similar to other gulls, in that its eggs take up to 28 days to hatch.

This gull likes rocky shores and open seas, and lives on small fish, insects and worms. The bird is mainly white in color and has a black tail and back.

Black-tailed Gull
The black-tailed gull lays up to 3 eggs in early June, and they take up to 25 days to hatch.

This gull is native to China, Japan and Taiwan, and is known for following ships. You can recognise a black-tailed gull by its distinctive yellow legs and black tail.

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