How Do Turtles Lay Eggs?


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The turtles swim up 2 shore...bury their eggs in the sand....the male turtle comes up and fertilizes the eggs...and they eventually find their way back 2 the ocean. Unless the turtles are the Galapagos island turtles which hump each other and have sex...then the female has her eggs and the male and female turtles have sex all over again. I think that sounds like fun!!! I want sex right now with my husband Greg!! Hey Greg!!!! Lets have sex!!!!!! "OK!!!!" see you......I'm going to go have sex right now!!! Bye!!!!! That feels AMAZING!!!!! Go 4 it honey...just go 4 it!!!!!! Uh. That feels WONDERFUL!!!!!! Lets do it again...but this time....dig deeper!!!! Ugh!!!!!!
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It's sort of like when a woman ovulates, but the eggs drop directly out of the body and that is where they incubate and the rest is what the woman below said :)

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