When Do Chickens Stop Laying Eggs ( Orpingtons )?


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As any animals, with age, your chickens too will first slow down the number of eggs they lay in a year and then completely stop. A normal, healthy, buff orpington will lay between 110 and 160 eggs in a year. They lay eggs throughout the year, including winter. It might be a good idea for you to keep a record of how many eggs they are laying/week and see if this is decreasing slowly over time or not.

Chickens do live to an old age, so it is unlikely that yours are starting to slow their egg laying rate at this point.

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Thank you so much.They all suddenly stopped laying about 4 months ago.It coincides with my leaving to stay in Scotland for a while and as they are actually my pet chickens I wonder if bbmy not being there has affected them.I am due back in the next few weeks.I am 68 and spend a lot of time with them.They follow me everywhere.
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It's possible that they are just responding to your absence. They will also stop laying when they're molting, so it's also possible that this has coincided with your trip.
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When dogs are playing out side and play over at the chickens copp. Can they scare the chickens and make them stop laying eggs?

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