What Is The Name Of A Snake That Is Black With White Stripes And Lives In Texas?


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This very much sounds like the central Texas whipsnake. This snake is found throughout the United States but are very prominent in Texas hence their name.

This species is diurnal, active during the day, and is very alert and fast moving. They seek shelter in rock outcrops, small mammal burrows, as well as in trees and shrubs depending on the habitat they occupy. These snakes are non-venomous but they prey on a wide variety of species including lizards, other snakes (including rattlesnakes), small mammals, young birds, frogs and insects.

They are very thin, long dark snake. Their colour is almost black, with coppery colour coming up the sides from the ventral surface. In some specimens, the coppery or mahogany colour predominates.The underside of the tail is normally reddish.

They usually feed on lizards and rodents but have also seen eating smaller snakes. Whipsnakes are among the minority of desert snakes in that they are exclusively diurnal, willing to take on the hot desert sun.

Central Texas whipsnakes are very difficult to catch due to being very quick across the ground. The striped whipsnake is commonly found in a wide variety of habitats including shrub lands, grasslands, sagebrush flats, canyons, pinon-juniper woodlands, and open pine-oak forests. They are attracted to both permanent and seasonal rocky streams, and they frequent both flatlands and mountains. Little is known about the reproductive activities of this species. After fertilization the striped whipsnake will lay a clutch of 3-12 eggs, between the months of June and July, usually in an abandoned rodent burrow. One study has shown a natural incubation period of 44 to 58 days.

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