What Is This Pink Bump On My Dog's Lower Belly?


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Mary Tucker answered
If it looks irritated, it may be some kind of infection. The bump is what concerns me.  Needs a vet to look at it.
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Penny Kay answered
If the dog acts unwell, or is bothered by the lump, I would take him to a vet. If not, just keep an eye on it, and mention it at your next vet visit. My dog is always coming up with lumps and bumps, on belly and skin. I always show the vet, and she say's they are nothing to be worried about. Like people, dogs get moles, and cysts, on their skin at times, and usually they take care of themselves. Now, if it grows fast, or seems to bother your dog, take him to the vet right away.
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THANKS! I've been monitoring it and it seems to be lightening up a bit and bumps are not as big. i was hoping it would slowly go away and i think it will. he seems fine and acts normal. maybe just a bug bite. its just odd that there's 3. thanks for the advice!

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