How Do The Dog Breeders Make A Chihuahua Grow Very Tiny, Teacup?


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There isn't really any such thing as teacup in any breed and it is advisable to stay away from anyone using the term. Indicates they either have poor ethics (either by using the term when they know it doesn't exist, using the term to mislead other's, etc.) or they don't really have enough knowledge to be breeding because they do believe the term exists and both have an effect on a breeding program, the pups produced, and the people that love them. It is often a health problem contributing to such a tiny dog like a liver shunt. And those tiny dogs need additional care, more health issues, more care, and they have much shorter life spans even if reasonably healthy. In general someone breeding for super tiny dogs is someone to be wary of for many, many reason's. Do very tiny dogs occur, yes, but you don't irresponsibly match up your dogs to produce them for sales purposes. Breeding is supposed to be for those working hard to improve on something, and ultimate goal which will take several generations to get there and you need to know a lot to do it. When you are creating lives it should be taken as seriously as it deserves. Here's the link to the breed club on Chihuahuas and a statement they have made about that word (and the similar others) and a link to a video of a pup who was just way too small and mentions some of the contributing factors.. Good luck to you.
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My opinions, Again it is so nice to hear from someone who puts the dogs welfare at the heart of the whole breeding issue. There is far too much irresponsibility around. Cheers
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Dog breeders are actually breeding from  parents that are already deformed because they too were bred from their parents who were already deformed and so on backwards. Chihuahua,s  along with ALL pedigree dogs are man made  and are genetically modified through selective breeding ,otherwise known as artificial selection. . Genetic modification has been happening for thousands of years by man selecting who breeds with who, this type of genetic selection ,under the control of man keeps all pedigree dogs uniform (or clonelike ). This is how pedigree breeds are made .  When a breeder wants to, say try to shorten the breeds legs even more he will concentrate on breeding from those who have the shortest legs and then breed from those who are produced with the shortest legs ( of whatever factor is desired).All  Pedigree dogs are totally unnatural. All dogs come from the grey wolf so just take a look at the  abnormal shapes that man has bred into breeds such as the Great Dane and the chihuahua, none resemble the wolf. They look different species altogether, yet they are dogs. They have been bred from mutations and the mutated gene then is allowed to spread into the breed by incest, breeding close relatives. Meanwhile all breeds suffer breed specific diseases, which causes them miserable lives. Think of all the abnormal flat faced breeds and their struggle to breathe. All their internal anatomy inside the face/mouth is altered, it is not just how they look. I do hope you can understand some of this. Dogs have the widest genepool of any other species and this has enabled such massive alterations in size and shape etc.
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Further point: We have changed them so much that wolves and dogs are actually different now even with some basic different bone structure and body chemistry than our domesticated dogs. Our dogs vary by breed and they are very different from wolves at this point. :-)
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Hi my opinions, Yes we have certainly changed them. If u look at a great dane and a tiny yorkie or smaller, their shapes and sizes are so complety different ,yet they are still the same dog specoies, both derived from the grey wolf, yet neither of these two resemble the wolf, . This is a visual way to understand how man has greatly genetically modified the wolf into unwolflike shapes and sizes.Yet genetically modified they are, through selective breeding, also known as artificial selection
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My opinions, run out of character allowance but wanted to say that if someone came to earth from outer space and saw the great dane and yorkie, he would classify them as being two different species. So vastly changed are they by man. Surprisingly there are some people who do not realise that pedigree dogs are unnatural, that they are manmade, which given all the different breeds that man has created is astonishing. . Be interested to hear more on this from u, if poss.Cheers Aileeny
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A chihuahua is labelled as being a teacup when it is very small in size. The \"teacup\" is not an actual name of a breed of chihuahua, however, it is a label which has been attached to very small breeds of chihuahuas. You can get a very healthy line with minimal health issues by breeding with runts. A runt is the smallest dog of a given litter. You breed the runts with different lines. Small chihuahuas are not the result of breeding from their parents haha.. However, inbreeding is not uncommon for breeders to do in order to perfect a certain trait in a champion line. Inbreeding should not be attempted unless you know what your doing as deformities can occur if the line is to inbreed..

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