How Long Does Marijuana Stay In A Dog's System?


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Oh my God!!! I think the person that did this to that poor animal should be in jail!!! Animals don't need to suffer at the hands of a bad owner, and that poor animal doesn't have a choice when it's blown in their faces. How cruel is that, maybe someone should hold that person down and force them to take something they don't like!! Cruelty to animals is what that is, and it's against the law!!!!
First and foremost, I would like to know what kind of owner would choose to blow pot smoke at their pup to get it stoned?  That poor dog does not have a choice wherein the owner does!  In fact, it is my personal opinion that those that do such things do not deserve to own an animal of any kind, other than a fish, EVER!!!

So your question was left unanswered and I refuse to apologise for that.  But as I've never even fathomed such a crime, yes CRIME [cruelty to animals] I do not have the answer and I would not waste my time on such a person if I did.
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That is so sad that the owner of that dog would do something stupid like that to that cute lilttle dog.and the owner of the dog must have lost his or her mind they can really spend a lot of time or years for doing trhat to a dog and that dog could have got really sick or it could have died and I would never do that to a dog I love animals so much I would never do that!

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