I Stepped On My Doggies Leg, Is It Broken?


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That is something that can only be judged by looking at the dog. How hard did you step on the dog? How big is the dog? And what did the dog do when you stepped on it?

Usually, large breeds can take rough handling pretty well, and smaller breeds get hurt quite easily. If your dog whined a lot when you stepped on it, then it did get hurt, but if it is walking around fine now, then there is no longer a problem.

If the dog is still limping, then run your hands over the leg gently to feel for any breaks. Usually, there is bruising, but no break, but if the limping does not stop in 24 hours, then take the dog to the vet.

Finally, if the dog is not moving around or walking at all, then go to a vet immediately as there is definitely a break that needs to be set.

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