My 12 Year. Old Mini. Dachshund Has Been Throwing Up And Bleeding From Her Rectal Area Really Bad For The Past 3 Days. Also Doesn't Eat. She's Going Into The Vet Tomorrow. What Could This Be From?


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Is your dog is pooping blood only without defecation or he is having bloody diarrhea. If he is having bloody diarrhea and vomiting then there are following possibilities.
  1. Intestinal parasites
  2. Bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoan infections of GI tract
  3. Colitis
  4. Polyps in rectum or colon
  5. Food allergies
  6. Dietary intolerance
  7. Diseases of anus, colon and rectum
Diagnosis is completed by physical examination, medical history and few tests. So, take your dog to vet for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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