Why My Dog Cant Poop & She Has Pushed Her Anus Out?


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Christine NZ answered
She sounds constipated!  You could try giving her some milk, mashed pumpkin or a little mineral/olive oil.  Even though milk is not good for dogs on a regular basis, it does help loosen up constipation. If it doesnt help, she may need help. Watch her carefully.  If she's in any pain you really need to get her checked out by a vet, in case she has a blockage of some sort.
When you say she's pushed her "A" out ... How far? Is it red and sticking out more than about an inch?   It is pretty uncommon, but sometimes an animals can get a prolapsed rect*you*m caused by pushing too hard.  This needs immediate treatment by a vet.  don't want to scare you - just let you know.
All the best.

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