Where Can I See Pictures Of Pekingese/Chihuahua Mixed Breeds?


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There are plenty of online sources where you can find information on, see pictures or even purchase a pekingese/chihuahua mix breed dog.

Here are some good sites:

  • This site has lots of information regarding pekingese/chihuahua mixes.
  • Another great website for information on pekingese/chihuahua breeds is this one.
  • This website has more details on the breed.
  • A more in-depth site.
  • A list of more unusual cross-breeds of dogs, with additional information on pekingese/chihuahua dogs.
Also known as Pek-A-Chi, these small dogs have become increasingly popular. They are known to be sweet, cute and humble, and they love to play and enjoy human company. Temperament-wise, they are usually very mellow.

  • A fully grown Pek-A-Chi will usually weigh around five pounds.
  • They have a very rounded and small skull.
  • They have big, protruding eyes.
  • The ears can be erect or floppy and are usually rather large.
  • They have a small body frame, which they make up for with ample personality.
  • Pek-A-Chi's have a semi-long coat which is thick and dense.

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