What Are The Little White Balls Coming Out Of My Cat's Butt And Eyes?


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Although these little white balls could be the result of numerous problems, the most common cause of these symptoms is tapeworms.

What are the little white balls coming out of my cat's butt and eyes?
  • The white balls coming out of your cat's anus and eyes are most probably segments of a tapeworm.
  • These are in fact the egg sacs of a large tapeworm that is living inside your pet. After the little white balls have left your cat, they will open and release the worm eggs.
  • These eggs are not directly infectious, but fleas can pass them from pet to pet.
  • When the cat has fleas and tries to groom a flea off, that is when it gets infected. This is the most common way in which tapeworms are transmitted.
  • Cats can also get tapeworms from eating infected rodents, such as rats and mice.
  • Make sure you regularly de-flea your cat, to stop a tapeworm from taking up residence inside your pet.
Tapeworms can be treated very easily. Either take your cat to the veterinary practice, or purchase tapeworm tablets from your local pet store. These tablets will dispose of the tapeworm inside your pet.
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This sounds like pus as usually there may be some drainage from the eyes, but both ends. Have the cat checked out for infection. This is the most likely cause. You may need to get antibiotics for her.

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