My Puppy Has Little Flat Worms Crawling Out Of His Butt. What Kind Of Worms Are They And How Do I Get Ride Of Them?


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I agree that it is most likely tapeworms, and your vet will be able to give you medicine for the dog. But tapeworms are not directly contagious, so you shouldn't be at risk of having them. Dogs get tapeworms from either swallowing a flea or eating a mouse or squirrel. To prevent tapeworms in the future, be sure to keep your dog (and any other dogs/cats/ferrets) on a good flea preventative.
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Tape worms are usually long and there arent usually but one. These could be heart worms. Is your dog taking heart worm medicine? You might have to take some in a plastic bag for the vet to examine. He will ask for a sample. Better that you bring one from home. That way way you wont have to wait. Hope this helps when you call your vet you may want to describe whats going on. Usually heart worms are short some may be clear looking. Some may be a milky white and some may be a grayish color. But what you described doesnt sound like tape worms to me
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They are most likely tapeworms. Take your dog to the vet and they will prescribe a medicine for your dog. If your dog has licked you while thy have it you could have it too. Just go to your doctor and ask them to give you something for tapeworms. Symptoms: Itchy bottom, and weird feeling in your bottom when you go to the restroom

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