Why Does My Cat Have Lots Of Drooling Coming Out His Mouth And Runny Eyes?


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Your cat sounds really sick. Drooling excessively and leaky eyes sound like he may have eaten some food laced with rat poisoning. The fleas and especially the tics are a not good as they can leave your cat anemic. I'd take that cat to the vet as soon as possible.
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My cat had the same problem.  I took her to the vet, turns out she had a bad tooth that needed to be pulled.  Had it pulled, put her on antibiotics that I had to give her orally for about 2 weeks, then she was fine.
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Has she had a rabies shot?  I would get her checked ASAP.
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I applied Hartz flea and tick prevention on the back of the neck of two cats and this happened. I called a cat shelter and was told to stop using that type of product. Death can result! Garlic & Brewer's yeast do the same thing.
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Those are the symptoms of cat flue see a vet immediately
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Well it sounds like he needs to food. I think the food is making him sick. Try this and make sure he drinks lots of water and stuff. If this doesn't work it you need to take him back to the vet!
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My cat is drooling excessively but don't seem to javelin any other symptoms what could be wrong with her
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My cat has the same problem. Took him to the vet and had no high temp. Has not gotten better.

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