How Can You Exterminate Carpenter Bees?


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There are various sprays, liquids and other products that are locally available which will help you to exterminate carpenter bees. Try not to remove a bee's nest unless it poses a real problem. Remember that it is always your best bet to call in a licensed pest control operator to remove a bee's nest.

If you are determined to get rid the problem yourself, it would help to get rid of the bees at night. This is because at this time, they are generally less active and they have all returned to the colony. It is imperative to wear protective clothing. Examples of these would include long sleeves, pants, a beekeeper's veil, and gloves. You can get in touch with your local pest control operator in order to check out the best insecticides available for your problem in addition to the best technique of application.
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The best way is to cut out the wood where they are living because they tunnel in, literally eat the wood and live there.

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