Getting Rid Of Ants Without Killing My Rosebush.


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The ants will actually place aphids on plants - the ants like to eat the sugary stuff the aphids produce. Frankly I think you'll have a hard job getting rid of ants and/or aphids in your situation without killing the tree the rosebush and anything else around like birds, other insects and maybe even pets might suffer. Ants live all over the garden, and they do like trees......have you thought of moving the rosebush?
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Sylvia Cisneros
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We have tried to replant the rosebush 4 times. It is rooted so deep that it keeps coming back up. It's been there since the 1940's. My husbands grandmother planted it which is why I am trying not to kill it. Thanks for your suggestions.
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Diazinon will not harm the rosebush or the tree if properly applied. (You may or may not have aphids--that was only an afterthought.) I would want to save the rosebush, also. It seems like it was meant to grow where it is. Good luck, kitana. :)
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If you are not opposed to using appropriate pesticides in your garden, Diazinon granules would be effective and not harm your roses. Just make sure you use as directed, and wear protective gloves when applying to soil. Also, aphids and ants have a peculiar symbiotic relationship in the insect world; the ants are attracted to the sticky substance aphids secret on flower buds and leaves ( I can't remember the benefit that aphids get out of all that LOL) , but if this seems to be the case, you will want to treat the roses for aphids, also.
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Prepare a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water 1/2 in 1/2 in a spray bottle,this works for most flowers and such.

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