How Do You Get A Bee Out Of Your House?


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Gilad Bar Yamin answered
First of all, you can talk to one of your neighbors, 2'nd, you can use a tennis bat, or something similar, but you need to be very quick with the bat "System" :-), 3'rd, you can follow it until the bee stops on a window or a wall, and then you can catch her using a cup, and then you slide a card or something similar, of course, the card should be larger then the diameter of the cup,
Good luck Gilad
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Well get something like a book and when it lands hit it hard I have been killing them with the bottom of my rubber flip flops works great every time just have to be fast and make sure you kill it and not make it mad.
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Jay Smile answered
If your allergic get someone else to kill it/chase it out for you. If theres like a whole hive in or right outside your house then call the spca or pest control. If its honey bees, then try not to kill  them because their number is declining.

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