Dog Has Bald Spots And Skin Turned Black Where The Spots Are. Any Idea?


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Sounds like seasonal alopecia. You don't state what breed your dog is, however this is a common condition in many breeds particularly in bull dogs.
It starts off as a small patch which looks to be thinning, the area gets bigger and becomes bald and the skin underneath turns very dark - almost black in some.
This condition is harmless in itself and unless it is causing irritation, treatment is for cosmetic purposes only. It is commonly found alongside the flank of the dog, and often is bilateral too.
Often, the hair loss is seasonal/hormonal and will grow back itself.
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Could be something like mange or ringworm. Can be something like thyroid or metabolic/endocrine disorder. Also could just be allergies. Best to confirm with you vet. If it's allergy's food is usually a major player and may contain a lot of chemicals(like ethoxoquin) and things like corn (most dogs are HORRIBLY allergic to corn) and... Other things. Check your food on the analysis site (you can type it into the search bar), if it's already 5 or 6 star rated your pup may be allergic to something else specific like maybe they need beef instead of turkey or something but if it's not 5 or 6 stars it's most likely the food in general and all the crap in it (slow switch always :-). Here's some other info for you as well. Some surprising (and horrifying) things many people don't know about some of the more popular brands of food.

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