What Kind Of Bug Has A Red Head And Flat Black Body?


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From the description given in your question and after comparing your description to insects on the Internet, I would guess that the bug you saw was a Pale-Bordered Field Cockroach. The Latin name for this insect is Pseudomops Septentrionails.

This insect is most commonly found in the state of Louisiana and Texas and Mexico, although they can migrate to other areas. As their name suggests, they are mostly found in fields but they are well adapted to climbing glass. They are known for being quite energetic but will usually stay hidden on decorations when they are in houses.

Compared to other species of cockroach, the Pseudomops Septentrionails is considered to be extremely small measuring nine to fifteen millimetres when they reach their full grown adult state. But they make up for their small size with their brightly coloured and distinct appearance that sets them apart from other species. Their antennae are black with an orange strip around the end. Their heads are a red orange colour with a white band that separates the red head from the pure black body.

If you ever have any trouble in the future identifying bugs, then the best thing that you can do is to try and take a picture to your local expert, you can easily find the location of one of these on the Internet. If you can't get a picture then describe it to them as best as you can. These are the people who will e able to identify them most accurately. If you feel confident in identifying the insect on your own then you could use the Internet and a picture to compare different insects. This website gives accurate descriptions and pictures of every kind of bug out there that you could possibly come across. Visit to find out more about different insects.
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I believe what you saw was the Pale -bordered Field Cockroach (Pseudomops septentrionalis). The red extends to the thorax shield &   is ringed in pale yellow. Quite a striking color
combo for a roach!

Try this link for comparison:

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