How Many Poisonous Snakes In Michigan?


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The state of Michigan is certainly not renowned for having a large number of snakes, but there are a number of different species that can be found there.

There are three venomous snakes that can be found in the Michigan area and they are dangerous snakes that should be avoided at all costs. The Cottonmouth Snake, the Massauga Rattlesnake and the Water Moccasin Snake are all venomous varieties of snake that reside in the state of Michigan. It is extremely rare that you will encounter one of these snakes, especially if you live in a city. Even if you do, if you leave them alone the likelihood is that they will leave you alone too.

Across the United States there is a wide variety of different mammals and reptile species and some of them are extremely dangerous. Snakes, although they are rarely seen, can often be the most hazardous to your health, especially young children and the elderly, which have weaker immune systems to protect them.

The first point to clear up is that snakes are not poisonous, they are venomous. This is a slight technicality really. A poison is a substance or liquid that can cause illness, injury or even death in severe cases. Poison is something that you ingest and therefore does not relate to the snake.

Snakes possess venom, which is extremely similar to a poison but it is injected into your body by the snakes when they bite into your skin. There is the rare spitting viper that administers the venom by spitting at your eyes but this is a rare creature and is not found in Michigan.
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There are no "poisonous" snakes in Michigan, however there is one venomous snake in our state called the Massauga Rattlesnake. Their bite rarely kills but does make a trip to the emergency room necessary!
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Unfortunately the top (most popular) answer has some misinformation. There are no Cottonmouths in Michigan. And the Cottonmouth and the water moccasin are the same snake (not found in Michigan). Also the picture in the post is of a harmless species of Nerodian water snake that is both nonvenomous and not found in Michigan.
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In case any one is wondering here is the definition of a poison-- A substance that causes injury, illness, or death, especially by chemical means.and the Definition for poisonous-- Capable of harming or killing by or as if by poison; toxic or venomous.and then the definition of Venom -- A poisonous secretion of an animal, such as a snake, spider, or scorpion, usually transmitted by a bite or sting.

It seems Snakes really are Poisonous......
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There are two venomous snakes in Michigan, the Massauga Rattle Snake and the Western Cottonmouth Snake (also called, water moccasin, black moccasin, blunt-tail moccasin, northern cottonmouth moccasin, stump-tail water moccasin, western cottonmouth moccasin, cotton-mouthed snake).
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No such thing as   Poisonous snake.      Poison is something you ingest, Venom is what venomous snakes inject.   Poison comes from mushrooms and things we eat. Venom is injected into the bloodstream. Huge difference.

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