What Kind Of Ant Has A Red Body And A Black Butt?


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The ant that you are describing sounds as if it may be a Velvety Tree Ant. These are known for having a red or brownish thorax (body) and a velvet-like black abdomen (butt). They measure approximately a one quarter of an inch in length. Typically Velvety Tree Ants will live outdoors and feed on honeydew. Sometimes they will invade homes when foraging for food and will nest in warm, dark and moist spaces. They are quite commonly associated to being found in windows, showers and leaks in soffits. The Velvety Tree Ant is most commonly found in California, however they have been reported to be found in some mountain foothills of other western states. Outside they mostly nest in rotting wood or within dead limbs on trees. Their trails can always be found quite easily on the tree bases.

Velvety Tree Ants are considered a pest and will bite humans. Within the common household ant pests, these are known for being aggressive biters. While the bites will not cause you any danger, they do have a nasty pinch to them. The Velvety Tree Ants are quite a difficult species to control and the success of doing so can vary quite dramatically. As their colonies are typically found quite high up in trees, the nests are difficult to reach. The solid and careful building of the ants' nest means that removing them will require drilling and treatment. Some suggest that the ants can be bribed out of their nest with sweet liquid or gel ant baits but while this works really well for some circumstances, in others it can completely fail. It is recommended that you always contact a specialist when dealing with this species of ant to make sure that you have got rid of them all.

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