Which Is More Dangerous, A Grizzly Bear, A Polar Bear, Or A Panda?


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Polar bears are the most dangerous of the three. Polar bears are the only creatures to actively HUNT HUMANS. Grizzilys on the other hand, would usually not attack humans for food, and most grizzly bear attacks are as a result of a mother protecting her young, or them feeling threatened. Pandas, don't eat meat so the only reason they would have to attack a human is defence of their young, or out of fear. Saying this however, your more likely to come into contact with a grizzly bear than a polar bear, but between the two, a polar bear would most likely be more dangerous.

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Grizzly bears are they have a real mean temper!!!! And don't like to give up!!!! I had one chase me and they are real fast needless to say I never went back to that spot. And they get real mad when they get their cubs around!!!
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I agree. You can't do anything better than a bear in it's natural habitat. It can climb trees better. It can swim better. It can run faster. They are extremely dangerous!
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I think both grizzlies and polar bears are dangerous.  The grizzlies, more so. Because there's more of a chance of running into a grizzly, than a polar bear.  The pandas seem like big, gentle giants, but I wouldn't want to test that theory.  
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Either way, I'm scared to death of bears.  Last year my husband and I spent part of our vacation hiking in the mountains looking for waterfalls to photograph.  I was nervous the entire time.  I read somewhere that if you wear a bell while you're hiking, the bear will hear the bell and leave.. Avoiding an unexpected confrontation.  Bears don't want to see us anymore than we want to see them.  Actually, I think I read that on Blurtit!
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