What Is A Black Snake With Yellow Stripes On Back?


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There are a number of different species of snake that could potentially fit this description. The best way of narrowing down your options if you have seen a snake is to find out which types of snake are indigenous to the region where you live.

The North American Reptiles website (www.wildlifenorthamerica.com/wildlife/Reptile/Colubrid-Snake) has a list of snakes that can be found in North America. From the pictures shown on the website, there are a number of different species that could fit the description you give. Possible species include:

- Butler's Garter Snake
- Blackneck Garter Snake
- Two-Striped Garter Snake
- Checkered Garter Snake
- Common Gartner Snake
- Eastern Ribbon Snake
- Northern Ribbon Snake

The Garter snake is the mostly widely distributed genus of reptile in North America, ranging from Alaska and Canada, through the United States and Central America. The Common Garter Snake could potentially be black in color with yellow stripes as you describe. You can find plenty of photos of Garter Snakes by doing a search engine image search.

Likewise, the Ribbon snake is a species that is commonly found across North America. It averages between 16 inches and 35 inches in length and is also part of the Garter snake genus. The Northern Ribbon Snake is the most obvious contender. It is dark brown or black in color with three bright yellow or white stripes across its back. It is most commonly found from Maine through to Ontario and Indiana.
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Sounds like a garter snake to me, but without knowing where you live this is as close as I can get to it...... There is a pic of it here www.stewart.army.mil
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Depends on the body type. If it had a slim body then it is probably a ribbon snake, but if it was a heavy body then it could be a yellow rat snake or a chicken snake.

Ribbon snakes are a type of garter snake and are non venomous. They are commonly kept as pets and are very docile. Yellow rat snakes are also non-venomous, but will bite if mishandled. They grow very large and constrict their prey before eating.

Every color has shades, so if it was a darker yellow or more orange then the species would obviously change.
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Uhmm... I'm just going to have to guess its a king snake, ive seen a few of these in my neighbors backyard, if they are in your area, its good, they help get rid of rodents and stuff like that, I heard that they help eat other snakes and stuff. I would leave him alone, or give him to me lol, I live in north carolina too
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It sounds like  a black king snake. They like to eat th rats and things in th yards. An far not poisonous but gt another opinion on it.
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I just found a black snake with yellow stripes, what kind of snake? I live in Tehachapi California.

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