My Chihuahua Has A Fever? What Do I Do


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Kelly T answered
Dogs can get virises just like us. The worst thing that you could let happen is dehydration remember small dog faster rate of dehydration. If you know your dog does not have a bacterial infection. Make sure your dos is getting enough liquids you can use pedialight the stuff for children to keep your dog hydrated. Look for signs of dehydration. Listlessness, dark urine not urinating at all, pasty mouth dry mouth gums should be nice pink color if they have gotten pale that isn't good. I would place a call to vet if your concerned and if the dogs isn't urinating or has dark urine. Also if your dog still has fever tomorrow call the vets office and see what they have to say. Just remember dogs catch colds and virises just like us. Hope this helped you.

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