Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get An Audio Clip Of A Dog Barking, 'Happy Birthday'?


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Pippa Corbett answered
If you're looking for an audio clip of a dog barking along to the tune of 'Happy Birthday', you're in luck!

The internet is fully of quirky birthday greeting ideas - and this is one idea you won't have too much trouble finding.

Where can I find a dog barking happy birthday? is probably the best site to visit if you're looking for an entertaining happy birthday audio clip to send someone.

You can download the clips in .mp3 format straight off the site and, as far as I'm aware, they are completely free.

If that doesn't float your boat, this youtube clip might do the trick!

The accompanying video is simply a static image of a cute group of dogs wearing party hats, and if you want to save the clip as an audio file, you'd probably need to use some simple PC audio recording software.

Finally, also has a host of funny dog-themed eGreeting-cards that might just fit the bill!

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