My Hamster Has Very Big Balls, Why Is That?


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For their size hamsters do have remarkably large testicles. This is not usually a problem but if you are concerned you can have a vet check him out to alleviate any fears.

  • What is a Hamster?
A Hamster is a rodent. It likes to nestle and to burrow. The most common ones as pets are the Golden and Syrian varieties.

  • How do you look after a Hamster?
Hamsters need plenty of water and places to nestle and hide. In the wild they would do this to avoid predators. They like to eat fruit and vegetables, as well as berries, seeds and nuts. Generally they live in a cage designed specifically for them with bedding materials and sometimes an exercise wheel.

  • What should I do if I think my hamster's ill?
If you have any fears then you should contact a vet.  If you take proper care of your hamster you will notice any difficulties it has moving about or any indication of pain or even infection. The testicles would show signs of swelling if there was a problem.

The same applies to any other illness with a hamster, male or female. If you think they are unwell or they have an injury and you're concerned then you should have it checked out.

  • Can I have my Hamster castrated?
Yes, but it is not advised. Hamsters do not do well under anesthetic due to their small size. Anesthesia has so minute a margin for error that it can often result in death.

It can still be performed in the event of particular trauma to the scrotum area if the risk of leaving it is greater than that of castration.
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You have not mentioned the approximate size of balls. Anyhow, if your hamster is active and moving/running without any problems then don't worry. If he is facing difficulties in  movements then it might be problem  and then vet can help you.
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Most male hamsters [or rodents for that matter] will appear to have big balls. This is because of the rate at which they produce sperm. For rodents, they produce sperm at a vast rate; since they mate quite often. It's nothing out of the ordinary; and you have no reason to worry. :3
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I just get female hamsters really depends on the hamster. Some testicles are bigger than others even on the same breed
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Nothing is wrong with him hamsters are known for having large balls
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Find a medication or go to a vet he can have an infection or it could be natural you need to find out now!!!
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I don't know why but it is gross isn't it? That is why I got gerbils they are easier to take care of and there testicles arent big at all you can't even see them barely when they grow up

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